About Dr. Suter

Marketer by training. Entrepreneur by choice.

Tracy A. Suter (Ph.D., University of Arkansas) is currently as Associate Professor in the Collins College of Business at The University of Tulsa and founder of TASsel, LLC. Most recently Dr. Suter was an Associate Professor in the School of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. He has published academic research articles and textbooks as well as presented his research and teaching innovations at regional, national, and international conferences. Additionally, he has provided marketing research and consulting support for 100+ firms in industries ranging from consumer products to entertainment to health care to not-for-profits.

At Oklahoma State University Dr. Suter was awarded the Daniel White Jordan Chair in Entrepreneurship (School of Entrepreneurship), the Ph.D. in Business for Executives fellowship (Watson Graduate School of Management), the Greiner Outstanding Teaching Award (Spears School of Business), the Regents Distinguished Teaching Award (OSU-Stillwater), the President’s Outstanding Faculty Award (OSU-Tulsa), and the Oklahoma Distance Learning Association Award for Innovative Use of Technology (state of Oklahoma). He was also nominated by Apple, Inc. (Cupertino, CA) for the Apple Distinguished Educators Award. At The University of Tulsa Dr. Suter holds the David and Leslie Lawson Chair in Entrepreneurial Studies.

Dr. Suter’s books — Basic Marketing Research and MR — are used in business schools around the world. This illuminates an interesting dichotomy as he is equally comfortable with entrepreneurship topics like creativity and innovation as well as marketing topics such as analytics and statistics.

Photo credit: Emma Suter